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Playing harmonica offers much more than just the musical aspect: it is good for your soul and good for your health. Good for your soul, because it is great fun and you can simply blow out stress and anxiety! Good for your health, because it improves breath control, increases lung capacity and regulates blood pressure.

While this is inarguably good for anyone, we want to especially encourage people suffering from the Post Covid Syndrome to include the harmonica in their breathing exercises. For more enjoyment and increased perseverance in these difficult times.

The Speedy harmonica by HOHNER allows you to hop on the train immediately, without any previous knowledge. We assure you that within the first hour of playing, you will be able to play the short melody that we composed specifically for that purpose. Join us and breathe music!

For a long time, HOHNER has been proudly supporting advocates all over the world that are bringing the benefits of harmonica playing into their communities. Their experiences deliver enough evidence that the matter deserves its own special platform – the one you landed on right now. Enjoy the scroll!


In order for everyone to be able to join the fun within minutes, we composed a simple and uplifting melody.

Choosing the Speedy allows easy single tone playing thanks to its larger gaps between the channels.

However, to play this melody, single tone playing skills are not even needed, no matter which harmonica you use.

You can as well grab any HOHNER diatonic harmonica and join by breathing through holes 1,2,3 and 4 simultaneously. That yields the C-major (blow) and G-major (draw) chords, a very powerful sound.

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“Enjoy music” means more – Playing Harmonica is good for you.

The projects and advocates we present in the following all follow the idea that the harmonica is more than just a musical instrument. They have discovered and practiced methods that go beyond the enjoyment of music and have witnessed improved health in themselves and their students thanks to the harmonica. We do breathe together with:

Outdoorharp: Holger „Hobo“ Daub

Holger "Hobo" Daub is a harmonica player and wildlife educator from Hamburg, Germany.
If you visit Holger's site, you will quickly realize how much this is connected. He teaches beginners and advanced players in the midst of great nature the connection between blowing in and getting out: Air in and joy out. In addition, Holger does charitable projects for city children - which is why we actively support him with harmonicas.

You can find out more about Hobo at


Be Harpy: Quim Roca

Quim Roca is a harmonica player and sound therapist from Catalonia, Spain.
He has long relied on the harmonica as a tool to improve the capacity and control of our breathing. By applying various breathing techniques, attendees of his BeHarpy workshops experience even more fun playing the harmonica and are more at ease in everyday life through more conscious breathing. In addition to the harmonica, he is also involved with didgeridoo, jaw harp and overtone singing.

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The world’s smallest gym: Mattias Bogefors

After a personal tragedy, the harmonica has helped Mattias to find his way back into life. For him, the instrument is therefore "the smallest gym in the world" or "just a medical instrument". For more than 20 years, he has been passing on his experience in the form of his specially developed concept to people struggling with a wide variety of problems, such as respiratory diseases or trauma. To date, patients from hospitals and rehabilitation facilities in Sweden and the Netherlands have benefited from Mattias' efforts and have been able to sustainably improve their quality of life as a result. We will be happy to put you in touch with Mattias.


Get out in nature or to your favourite place to play and show us how the harmonica helps you each day to feel good and breath music. Upload your best moments with the harmonica, tag #breathehohner and #hohnermusic and get a chance to win 300€ or one of 9 boxes of Speedys (contains 24pcs) to help you spread the idea among your community!


When developing the Speedy, we wanted to create a diatonic beginner’s instrument that would be perfect for children – hence the durable construction and large, wide separated holes.

Who knew that it would turn out to be perfect for initial orientation not just for children, but for adults as well? Within minutes, you’ll be able to play the first melodies on this wonderful learner's harmonica.

Four holes can make you play millions of songs, so everyone is able to play their favorite piece on this instrument. No matter which musical style you like most – interpretations on the Speedy are always possible. Share your favorites with the community and inspire others!

Special 20, Big River Harp and Bluesband

If you prefer to start with a regular 10-hole diatonic harmonica model right away, we got you covered, too.

You have the choice between our all-time popular Special 20, the made-in-Germany Big River Harp, the inexpensive perfect beginner model Blues Band, or any other model you can find in our portfolio.