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    Harmonikids Hohner-Sponsored Session At A Place Called Home

    25 September, 2023

    On September 20, 2023 I provided a Hohner-sponsored Harmonikids session to 25 elementary and grade school children at A Place Called Home (APCH) in South Central Los Angeles. A perfect match with Harmonikids, APCH is a nurturing facility whose mission is to provide gang-affected youth a safe haven for learning and inspiration away from the life threatening dangers and temptations of the streets. Like Harmonikids, APCH teaches and encourages young to "develop their gifts, strengthen their skills, and build resources and relationships to realize their goals and aspirations. Along the way, they learn that their voices are important, and that they can contribute to making the world a better, more just and equitable place for everyone."

    It was a delightful session. All students were fully focused and engaged throughout the 90 minutes and room was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. The kids giggled with joy and astonishment as I entertained them. Then each was thrilled as I handed them new Hohner harmonicas on which I gently taught them to accurately play 4 songs. They beamed with pride at their immediate success. It made a positive difference in the lives of these youth - joyfully boosting their confidence and self esteem on a musical instrument the’d never played before. Attached below is a note of thanks from APCH Music Programs Sr. Manager, Joaquin Pacheco.

    ~ Gary Allegretto, Founding Director of Harmonikids (www.harmonikids.org)




    "The visit from Harmonikids was exceptional! APCH members were able to engage in a hands on workshops that allowed them to discover the harmonica and its history. Facilitation of the workshop was also fun and exciting for the members. The activity was inviting for members of all ages and allowed all ages the ability to participate. The Members were also beyond excited they were gifted a brand new harmonica. They enjoyed the visit so much they have continued to bring their harmonicas with them to APCH. We also love the curiosity that the workshop has created with members, many coming back asking to learn more songs. Thank you Harmonikids and Hohner!

    ~ Joaquin Pacheco |Music Programs Sr. Manager/Studio Engineer