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    Harmonikids Hohner-Sponsored Session For Youth With Disabilities

    23 October, 2023

    On October 13, 2023 I had the joy and privilege of providing a Hohner-sponsored Harmonikids session to 20 youth with mental and physical disabilities in Wilmington, DE. Service Source provides employment services and inclusive support to people with disabilities. Their Framework for Success is a school-to-work transition program for 18 - 22 year olds that provides opportunities for students to explore work while gaining skills and experience in real work situations snd earning a paycheck. The director Rich Katz gave the below description of the Harmonikids session.

    ~ Gary Allegretto, Founding Director of Harmonikids, www.harmonikids.org



    “Gary teaches students to play harmonica and life lessons in the process. He casually and seamlessly instructed the group about taking turns, raising their hand, listening to each other, being respectful to the people around you, practice, and hard work, and doing what you love. Everyone in attendance, staff and participants gave Gary their full attention and followed his guidance in learning how to play the harmonica. The participants were excited to accurately learn to play four songs that they were familiar with, and loved hearing Gary play. Throughout the entire morning everyone was attentive and engaged. The participants left the session feeling positive and upbeat and talking about how they were going to practice what they learned. Thank you to Gary Allegretto, it was an amazing experience!”

    ~ Richard Katz, Program Director, Service Source, www.servicesource.org