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    Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez Receives Hohner Lifetime Achievement Award at the 41st Annual Conjunto Festival

    01 June, 2023

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, USA…Legendary musician Leonardo “Flaco” Jiménez was honored with the Hohner Lifetime Achievement Award at the 41st Annual Conjunto Festival at Rosedale Park this past weekend in San Antonio, Texas.

    Recognized as an international ambassador of Tex-Mex / Conjunto music, Flaco Jiménez has had a remarkable career. With six Grammy Awards to his name, he has played an integral role in expanding the popularity of accordion-based music. His mastery of the accordion, distinctive sound, and innovative musical fusion have been instrumental in elevating the status of these genres, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries.

    A third generation Hohner accordion player, Flaco proudly carries on the musical legacy of his grandfather, Don Patricio, and his father, Don Santiago Jimenez, Sr., each respected musicians in their own right.

    "There is nothing like the sound of a Hohner," Flaco praised, affirming his affinity for the brand that has played a significant part in his family history and music career. "It's an incredibly humbling to be recognized by this iconic company that has been with me every step of the way on this musical journey."

    In addition to this recent recognition, Hohner released the Hohner Signature Series Flaco Jimenez accordion in 2009 as an acknowledgment of his mastery, devotion, and influence on the accordion music world. Hohner’s Brand Manager Gilbert Reyes, expressed his admiration for the music maestro, stating, "Working with Flaco has been an incredible honor. During the development of his Signature Series, I gained unique insights into his artistry, learning about his unique approach to modifying and tuning his accordion, and enjoyed his fascinating stories from his illustrious career. Hohner is proud to recognize his body of work with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.”

    The Hohner Lifetime Achievement Award is a testament to Flaco Jimenez's extraordinary contributions to the music industry, his unwavering dedication to accordion music, and his inspiring musical journey. His legacy will undoubtedly continue to influence and inspire future generations of musicians.