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The Upgrade to the Hohner Special 20

If you are a fan of the Special 20, the time to try the Rocket is now!


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The Rocket and Rocket Amp harmonicas are designed with rounded comb sides, edges, and corners to increase comfort, plus the holes are slightly larger than the Special 20 to make single note playing easier.

For our friends with facial hair, there are no gaps in the coverplate to pluck your glorious mustache while ripping that solo.



The Rocket’s wide open cover plates with side vents and larger channel openings are specifically designed to generate a loud, powerful sound.

Hohner Flexcase Dealers

Rocket – side vents brighten up the tone of the instrument and allow the player to hear themselves better.

Rocket Amp - cover plates have no side vents, like the Special 20, to make a darker tone and direct all the sound toward the audience.



Very little breath is needed to make these instruments perform, making them perfect for advanced players and beginners alike.


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Learn more about Hohner Rocket Harmonicas with Mickey Raphael, TJ Watson, and Heidi Newfield!

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