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    Cheer up the world with YOUR music

    For everyone that enjoys music, be it alone or with your loved ones, we are with you united in sound. Together with you as our community we want to cheer up the world with music. To archieve that, we count on you to show your love for this community, your skills or your favorite artists by uploading a short video or encouraging picture of you with your instrument under the hashtag #unitedinsound on instagram to help us spread the message. In addition HOHNER artists from all over the world provide you with free livestreams for you to enjoy, to learn or to get some insights into the world of HOHNER instruments. Check out our live stream schedule of local livestreams and special promotions and make the most of your time at home. Keep sharing your passion with the community and enjoy music.

    This Page is constantly updated with new streams all over the world. Make sure to check back regularly.

    #UnitedinSound Talks

    Nashville musician and artist relations manager in the US Derek Frank will be interviewing renowned harmonica and accordion artists on our Facebook channel daily. Check back in the story regularly for updated schedule.

    Language: English

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/HohnerMusic/

    Competition - Make Music with a Mask

    Face masks might be necessary in some place around the world at the moment to keep each other safe. That does not mean you can’t have fun with them. That’s why HOHNER organizes a competition where it’s up to you to combine your musical creativity with face mask design. Show the world how you make music with a mask on - the best picture and video will be awarded 500 Euro. More


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    #unitedinsound talks

    Mo - Sun, 6 pm CET, German

    Artist: Konstantin Reinfeld

    Daily 5:30PM, April 6 through May 5, German

    Artist: Matthias Matzke

    Mo - Sun, 11 am CET, English

    Artist: Frédéric Deschamps

    VOD / Free Suscr., English

    Artist: Marcos Coll

    VOD / Free Suscr., Spanish

    Artist: Marcos Coll

    Mo – Fr, 7 pm CET, Spanish

    Artist: Ángel Vera

    Mondays, 8 pm (GMT +3.5), Starting April 6, Persian/ Farsi

    Artist: Hesam Haghpajouh

    From 15th of April, 6pm CEST, Croatian

    Artist: Tomislav Goluban

    Every Thursday from 16th of April, 8pm (GMT-3), Portuguese

    Artist: Marcelo Naves

    Daily from 13.04., 7 pm CEST, English

    Artist: Frédéric Deschamps

    Daily from 30.03., 6pm CET, Hungarian

    Artist: Matyas Pribojszki

    Wednesdays, 4 pm CET, French

    Artist: Bonny B

    Mo-Fr, 6 pm CEST, French

    Artist: Rachelle Plas

    Fridays, 7 pm CEST, Italian

    Artist: Claudio de Simone

    Every Saturday, 4PM CET, Italian

    Artist: Davide Speranza

    Mo - Fr, 7:30 pm CET, Swedish

    Artist: Mikael Bäckman

    From 6th of April, 8pm GMT+3, Russian

    Artist: Yuriy Sinitskiy

    From Friday, May 29th at 7PM (Buenos Aires, GMT-3), every friday, Spanish

    Artist: Cesar Valdomir

    Accordion Lessons with Matthias Matzke

    Matthias Matzke is an accomplished Accordion player and Teacher as well as a music composer. In his streams, Matthias will dive into the world of the HOHNER XS and show you easy and fun things to do with this innovative instrument. You don´t have a HOHNER XS? No problem, all exercises can be done with a regular accordion too.

    Course Language: German

    Stream: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXYYYTH8j98d2mK4z2Hnknw

    Harmonica Lessons with Konstantin Reinfeld

    Outfitted with a „Opus Klassik“ Best Young Artist, one of the most renowned classical music awards, Konstantin is home in much more than classical music: from Jazz to Pop Music, he is an achieved player and the host of HOHNER´s bi-weekly live stream, offering in depth tips on various playing techniques. In this stream, every day at 6pm on Youtube, Konstantin will help families and beginners find an easy start into harmonica with quick results.

    Course Language: German

    Stream: https://www.youtube.com/c/KonstantinReinfeld/live


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    Harmonica Lessons with Marcos Coll

    Originating from Madrid, Spain, Marcos Coll is an achieved blues harmonica player, responsible for various musical compositions used in HOHNER´s product videos. Marcos is the founder of the Harp&Soul online masterclasses, which he makes available for free during the #unitedinsound campaign.

    Course Language: English/Spanish

    Stream EN: https://www.harpandsoul.info/en/
    Stream ES: https://www.harpandsoul.info/es/

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    Harmonica Lessons with Mikael Bäkman

    Former student and now PhD student and teacher at the Pitea School of Music, Mikael Bäckman is the first music teacher in Scandinavia to graduate on harmonica. Besides his position as lecturer of musical history and oral music, Mikael plays with his band „John Henry“. Mikael will show you the perfect start into harmonica playing.

    Course Language: Swedish

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/johnhenryband/

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    Harmonica Lessons with Davide Speranza

    Davide Speranza invites you for weekly harmonica lessons. Besides watching his lesson, you will have the opportunity to ask Davide any harmonica question you might have.

    Course Language: Italian

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/davide.speranza.904

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    Harmonica Lessons with Claudio de Simone

    Claudio De Simone is an established Italian harmonica customizer and certified HOHNER technician. Besides reparing and customizing, Claudio is educating others on harmoncia service. You now have the chance to join him for detailed advice on how to handle & repair your beloved instrument.

    Course Language: Italian

    Stream: www.youtube.com/user/desimonecustomharp

    Livestream with Frédéric Deschamps

    Join Frédéric Deschamps for a daily livestream featuring Artist Interviews, live music, music videos, insights on accordion manufacture and new HOHNER instruments, lots of guests and the chance to get answers to your questions from Frédéric directly.

    Besides lots of interesting information, look out for surprises, the chance to win prizes daily (accordion straps, bags, personal lessons, you name it!) & fun games with the chance to win even more prizes and to qualify for the grand prize in Frédéric´s Speed Chat Quiz!

    Language: English

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/frederic.deschamps.12

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    Harmonica Lessons with Ángel Vera

    Ángel Vera is the founder and mind behind Harpvard.com, the leading spanish online outlet for learning harmonica. Ángel will present a new music style or song with interesting insights in the music as well as the music technique, making this stream interesting for beginners, accomplished harmonica players and music aficionados alike. Every evening from monday till friday at 7pm Angel Vera gives a masterclass through Instagram.

    Course Language: Spanish

    Stream: https://www.instagram.com/harpvard/

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    Harmonica Lessons with Marcelo Naves

    Marcelo Naves is a renowned Brazilian Harmonica Player. He will take you through the history of the blues and will feature various guest musicians to give insights in the world of professional musicians.

    Language: Portuguese

    Stream: https://www.youtube.com/user/marionwalterjacobs

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    Harmonica Lessons with Bonny B

    Bonny B is a Swiss harmoncia player and world record holder for playing harmonica for 24 hours non stop. Besides leading a Blues Club and being an active musician, Bonny is devoted to teaching harmonica through his online offerings. He will be showing everything harmonica each Wednesday in his live stream.

    Course Language: French

    Stream: https://m.facebook.com/people/Bonny-B-Bluesman/100000266274090

    Harmonica Lessons with Hesam Haghpajouh

    Hesam Haghpajouh is one of Iran´s leading harmonica players and a certified HOHNER service technician. Hesam will be teaching various playing techniques including vibratos/octaves as well as harmonica maintenance every Monday.

    Course Language: Persian / Fari

    Stream:  http://instagram.com/hesam_hp9 

    Harmonica Lessons with Tomislav Goluban

    Croatian blues harmonica player Tomislav Goluban will be presenting his music as well as helpful insights to harmonica playing in his weekly live stream. Besides watching his lesson, you´ll get the unique opportunity to ask your questions in a live Q&A.

    Course Language: Croatian

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/TomislavGolubanBand

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    Harmonica Lessons with Matyas Pribojszki

    Matyas Pribojszki, also known as „Jumping Matt“ for his eclectic peformances with his Jumping Matt Combo, will be presenting various music styles and playing techniques for everyone interested in the harmonica.

    Course Language: Hungarian

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/jumpingmattcombo/

    Harmonica Lessons with Yuriy Sinitskiy

    Originating from St. Petersburg, Russia, Yuriy Sinitskiy is one of Russia´s leading harmonica players. Yuriy will take you on a one week marathon to learn playing harmonica from scratch. Starting April 6th, join him with your Hohner in the key of C to kickstart your harmonica playing!

    Course Language: Russian 

    Stream: https://vk.com/vdoh_vydoh_school?w=wall-119794878_3753%2Fall

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    Harmonica Lessons with Rachelle Plas

    Rachelle Plas is a modern dance/soul/rock/blues/pop singer – songwriter and harmoncia player from France. The achieved Golden Melody player will show you the ins and outs of harmonica playing as well as present some of her original music.

    For more music from Rachelle, visit https://www.rachelleplas.com/victoryswaymusic-boutique-store 

    Course Language: French

    Streams: https://www.facebook.com/rachelle.plas

    Accordion Lessons with Frederic Deschamps

    French accordionist Frederic Deschamps is one of the most renowned accordion teachers and is the president of the Confédération Mondiale de l´Accordéon. In his live stream on his Facebook channel, Frederic will discuss various playing techniques and subjects regarding the accordion every day at 11 am.

    Course Language: French

    Stream: https://www.facebook.com/frederic.deschamps.12

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