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  • XS Series

    HOHNER XS Child

〈HOHNER XS Adult HOHNER XS Adult for grown ups old〉
from 800 €

Your start into music!

The HOHNER XS is something completely new and innovative in the accordion world and opens the doors to a wonderful new musical experience for music-loving children! Never before has this seemingly heavy instrument been such a flyweight. Thanks to innovative materials, the HOHNER XS has become a light yet robust instrument. ACCESS THE WORLD OF MUSIC.

The HOHNER XS combines breathtaking design with innovative materials and a unique ergonomic construction. HOHNER XS The ergonomic construction of this accordion offers children optimal playing comfort and thus provides limitless joy in making music. The HOHNER XS is therefore perfectly tailored to the needs of children.

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Piano Keys: 21
Number of notes: 21 (B-G)
Size: 28,5 x 14
Weight: 2,9
Color: Dark blue/ orange
Straps: Click and Play Carrying System Kid
Case: Gigbag
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