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  • Rey del Norte

    Black Hawk

〈Rey Aguila White Hawk II〉
from 5,100.00

Sleek, loud, and fast, the Blackhawk is like the top performance sports car. It maneuvers with ease and gives the player a surge of power when in their hands. Made with a new powerful grille that projects the music with clarity and precision. The accordion comes in compact and regular size and matte black.

Buttons: 34 Treble Buttons, 12 Bass Buttons
Button rows: 3
Class: Diatonic
Keys: GCF, FBbEb, EAD
Size: 13,8 x 7,3
Weight: 14,2 Lbs
Color: Matt Black
Reed plate quality: A Mano, Binci
Straps: Italian Leather Straps
Case: Plush Case