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  • Rey del Norte

    White Hawk

〈Black Hawk I El Italiano〉
from 5,100.00

Sleek, loud, and fast, the Blackhawk is like the top performance sports car. It maneuvers with ease and gives the player a surge of power when in their hands. Made with a new powerful grille that projects the music with clarity and precision. The accordion comes in compact and regular size and matte white.

Buttons: 34 Treble Buttons, 12 Bass Buttons
Button rows: 3
Class: Diatonic
Voices: Chorus: LMM (3 Reeds)
Keys: GCF, FBbEb, EAD
Size: 13,8 x 7,3
Weight: 14,2 Lbs
Color: Matt white
Reed plate quality: A Mano, Binci
Straps: Italian Leather Straps
Case: Plush case