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  • Corona


〈Emiliano Zuleta Signature Series Corona II Xtreme〉
from 10.400,00

A real eye catcher among the Corona models

The new and improved CORONA C-II has been modified to achieve above standard robust performance by upgrading the soundboard and baseboard with aluminum, yet maintaining the signature CORONA sound that is expected from this iconic model. New features, new look, and an incredible sound - everything you expect from a professional HOHNER accordion. The C-II comes in four unique colors: Green To Gold, Red To Gold, Silver Rainbow and White Rainbow.

Number of notes: 62
Buttons: 31
Button rows: 3
Class: Diatonic
Voices: 2
Tone colors: 1
Keys: G/C/F, F/B/Eb
Standard basses: 12
Standard bass voices: 5
Size: 31 x 19/ 12.2" x 7.5"
Weight: 4 Kg
Color: Effekt-laquer: green to gold, red to gold, silver rainbow und white rainbow, Metal parts: Gunblack
Reed plate quality: Standard
Straps: Ergoline Straps
Case: Gigbag