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    Two-year manufacturer
    warranty on top

    Register your MATTIA purchase and enjoy an extra two-year manufacturer warranty.

    You have made a good choice by purchasing your MATTIA accordion. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us, for which we reward you with an extra two-year manufacturer warranty! How?
    It’s quite simple:

    1. Enter the serial number of your instrument.
    2. After confirming the serial number, a brief contact form will appear.
    3. Simply fill it out, send it off, and your accordion is registered for the warranty extension. After successful registration you will receive a warranty card by post.

    That’s all there is to it!

    Please enter the serial number.

    Please enter serial number

    Serial number is not correct

    Serial number is correct

    This serial number is already registered

    Please agree to the warranty conditions

    HOHNER manufacturer warranty for the “MATTIA” accordion range, valid from April 1, 2019

    Dear Customer,
    Congratulations on purchasing your accordion from our “MATTIA” premium line. You have acquired a high-quality accordion which was manufactured with maximum craftsmanship. Our instruments are subject to strict quality controls. To ensure that your new accordion does not give you any problems, even in years to come, the following warranty statement represents a warranty which extends over and beyond the statutory warranty period

    1. Object of this warranty

    a) In addition to the statutory warranty period offered by the vendor (two years in Germany), HOHNER Musikinstrumente GmbH, Andreas-Koch-Straße 9, 78647 Trossingen (Germany), hereinafter referred to as HOHNER, grants the end customer an additional warranty period of two years. This is subject to the end customer registering the instrument at HOHNER within 4 weeks of purchase, thereby accepting the offer of a warranty extension.

    b) This warranty applies exclusively for HOHNER accordions, MATTIA range, purchased by the end customer as of April 1, 2019. Proof of purchase must be provided in the form of a receipt or delivery note.

    c) The components covered by this warranty include housing parts, mechanics (bass mechanics, keyboard, stop mechanics), and soundposts.

    d) Wear parts such as reed plates with reeds and valves are excluded from this warranty.

    e) This warranty is only valid for the end customer and is not transferrable.

    f) End customers as defined by this warranty are all natural persons who have purchased a HOHNER accordion, MATTIA range, from a specialist dealer for first-time use. It does not apply for the purpose of resale to a third party.

    2. Warranty statement

    HOHNER accepts a warranty for the MATTIA instrument components outlined in 1 c) that, when used by the end customer as designated, the instruments remain free of defects during the warranty period.

    3. Services in the event of a warranty claim

    a) The warranty provided by HOHNER exclusively entails HOHNER repairing any defects displayed by MATTIA instruments during the warranty period. Such repairs will be carried out free of charge for the end customer.

    b) Costs, in particular transport costs, incurred by the end customer for implementation of these warranty services will not be remunerated.

    c) Any losses incurred by the end customer as a result of the instrument not being playable (e.g. cancelations of performances) are expressly not covered by this warranty.

    4. Warranty period

    a) The warranty period for accordions, MATTIA range, commences on expiry of the statutory warranty period which is subject to different regulations in each country.

    b) The end customer must provide proof that the respective warranty period has not yet expired. This is generally achieved by presenting the corresponding receipt of purchase. Otherwise, HOHNER will be entitled to determine commencement of the warranty period based on the date of production.

    c) The warranty period is exactly 24 months and immediately follows the statutory warranty period.

    d) The warranty period is not extended on the basis of services granted within the framework of this warranty. Nor does a warranty claim which has been completed lead to a new warranty for the same accordion or components thereof. Any remaining warranty term also applies for a component which has been repaired or replaced under this warranty or for the instrument as a whole.

    5. Conditions and warranty disclaimer

    a) The rights arising from this warranty must be asserted by the end customer within the respective warranty period, at the latest by the end of the working day following expiry of the warranty, in the form of a written statement to his/her specialist dealer, thereby presenting the corresponding instrument or any defective parts thereof along with the invoice or another document indicating the date of purchase.

    b) Service under this warranty is excluded insofar as the defect is attributable to the fact that

    • the instrument was not used correctly and as designated in the operating instructions;
    • the accordion came into contact with and/or was stored with solvents;
    • work carried out on the instrument was not performed professionally;
    • independent changes were made;
    • the instrument incurred a fall or other type of accident.

    c) Insofar as a defect proves not to be covered by this warranty, the costs associated with inspecting the accordion will be borne by the end customer. If after being informed that the warranty does not apply and of the likely repair costs involved, the end customer requests an overhaul of the instrument, he/she will also bear the costs associated with any possible spare parts, labor costs, and return delivery.

    6. Other claims

    a) Regardless of these voluntary warranty conditions and whether they are availed of, the end customer reserves the right to assert all claims against the specialist dealer from whom the instrument was purchased on the basis of the statutory and/or contractual warranty for defects.

    b) Liability on the part of HOHNER in accordance with product safety laws and other mandatory statutory liability regulations is not affected by the warranty assumed here.

    7. Ancillary provisions

    a) Amendments to this warranty can only be made in writing.

    b) This warranty is handled through the specialist dealer from whom the instrument was purchased. As a general rule, other third parties are not authorized to submit declarations on behalf of HOHNER within the framework of this warranty.

    c) The place of fulfilment and court of jurisdiction for all disputes concerning this warranty is Tuttlingen (Germany).

    d) This warranty is exclusively governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and under exclusion of the reference provisions of international private law.

    Yes, I have read the warranty conditions and hereby agree to them.

    You can find the serial number on the back of the accordion:

    Almost done!
    The serial number is correct.

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